Discography & vocal portfolio


I’m presently the singer in a fabulous band called Hoamin. We’re part-time musicians who happen to appreciate post-rock, our music can best be described as, ‘a thick cloak of gut-wrenching noise-folk woven in Bradford’s mighty basin’. We’re currently on a hiatus while we pursue our individual adventures. Nothing better than some time for recuperation but alas! We’ll be back at some point in the foreseeable future with a new release.

Our debut E.P “Looms Large” is available on Bandcamp: https://hoamin.bandcamp.com/album/looms-large

Our Facebook page for all of our updates on recording, gigs and general shizniz: https://www.facebook.com/hoaminbando/


I met the delightful boys that comprise Trigger Thumb on a fateful night in Sheffield: Hoamin shared a bill with them for another instalment of “Made: Presents” and the line-up was insane. We’re both Bradford-based and have maintained a close friendship since, which led to this collaboration in what was formerly known as “Factory Street studios”. The final product, having worked with acclaimed local producer Snowflake-Inc, was this belter “Supreme”:

Patch Kelly

In 2013, I sang on two tracks for Patch Kelly’s debut album “Took Long Enough” (“Let Me Go and Song for the Lonesome Admirer”):

Broken Toy Brigade

I had the privilege of singing alongside Larius Albert as part of a collective we called Broken Toy Brigade. Our debut EP “If I Wrote You An EP, Would You Go Out With Me?” can be listened to on Bandcamp.

Future collaborations

Are you interested in working with me? If so, get in touch at: contact@writingsofpip.com

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