COVID-19: the UK’s shambolic mismanagement, as evidenced since the pandemic began

Jacinda Ardern handle this situation with dignity and sensitivity, a stark contrast to the response here in the UK.

There are people praying and clapping for Boris’ recovery, praising him as the martyr who has had to deal with this unprecedented disaster to the best of his ability. I hope he gets better too, but he’s one individual and yet his actions, or lack thereof, have affected thousands of lives and I don’t see why he should be placed on a pedestal for unremarkable leadership. I find it hard to forget the utter shambles of a “herd immunity” scheme that was quickly abandoned when it was realised that the ship was rapidly going under, nor am I able to forget the persistent cuts over the years to the 1 remaining pride and joy in this country: the NHS. MPs are taking a hefty ÂŁ10,000 addition to their wages, a boost for the remote working they’re currently doing from the safety of their homes. How about diverting all that mullah towards valuable equipment, research and bodies on the frontline?

It’s alright avoiding the politicisation of this pandemic and choosing to put to bed any critique of our government’s actions, as though they’re pardoned because they’re trying to control a freakish event that only dystopian fiction and sci-fi films have addressed so far. That approach isn’t going to change shit though and I’ll be damned if we come out of this whole thing and try to resume life as normal, pick up where we left off etc. This is literally a massive natural detox that should be helping us to evaluate our lives and how we contribute to the overall big picture: OUR WORLD.

So yeah, look at the responses across the globe. Look at the fatality rates in countries that prioritise healthcare and the wellbeing of their society. Look at the language used by leaders who have also had to make difficult choices in enforcing measures that affect all citizens.

Yes, the pressures must be immense for any leader during this time. However, praising somebody for turning up to the game late isn’t going to erase the amount of fatalities that could have been prevented with clearer restrictions at an earlier period. It wasn’t as though the UK was going to escape being hit, it wasn’t as though there weren’t already patterns emerging across Europe which had required drastic unprecedented measures…

People are turning their time and resources to propping up the NHS, donating any spare pennies and sewing up masks because there’s barely enough PPE for those battling this craziness on the frontline. That’s an awesome collective action and shows that we have community spirit when the shit hits the fan, which is great, but maybe we should be addressing the fact that we’re propping up services that have been absolutely battered by austerity cuts. Overworked and underappreciated, it’s a shame that it’s taken this awful situation for the general public to unite and acknowledge the strain on health workers, many of which are immigrants and “low-skilled” (according to Priti Patel).

I fucking love Jacinda Ardern đź’ś I love the fact you can be a compassionate leader and still get shit done. I love the fact that this woman has bigger balls than any male leader across the globe right now. The sweet, sweet irony.

Right. Where the fuck is the wine?


Day 13: COVID-19 Isolation Mode Activated

Day 13 of social distancing/isolation

Today’s soundtrack: copious amounts of the ultimate heroine Nina Simone.

Our food stock is yet to reach depletion thanks to decades of mum’s hoarding. The pantry is loaded and ready for indefinite quarantine, the deep freezer is ready to unearth all the long-lost meat joints/meals that have been buried away for god knows how long. We always joked about how we’d be ready for a crisis and now that one is here, well, it’s just not all that funny anymore. One day, the T&A will be reporting of a gruesome homicide and at the heart of the case will be two sisters who fought over the last-remaining Bombay Bad Boy pot noodle with tooth and nail.

It’s a miracle, really. As of yet, nobody has been throttled in our household. Dad hasn’t had to dare us to brawl each other for his own entertainment, as he has a stream for Bad Boys 3 (as he keeps telling us) and is spending his hours being my mum’s man-slave. My sisters have embarked on adventures such as destroying and then systematically cleaning up bedrooms, watching TikToks for hours on end and spending up to 3 hours in the bathroom (doing what, we will never know). Then there’s the matter of my mum- the chili whisperer. They’re all over the damned house, under heat lamps and specialist equipment ordered from some dark corner of the internet.

The sensitivities are at an all-time high and moods shift like the seasons under climate change. Even the smallest things are like flint for a big fire. One minute you’re feeling pumped to use this isolation period for a series of productive activities that have been repeatedly put on the backburner, the other minute you’re sobbing into your sixth glass of gin because you miss your family and friends, and Houseparty just isn’t enough. Then ten minutes later, you’re passed out on your bedroom floor and having a trippy dream about crashing a car.

What I’m realising is that everyone needs their own space to do with it what they will, be it sleeping, staring goggle-eyed at BBC News for a few hours, yoga or just reading in some obscure corner of the house with a torch. Space is so important, especially with the spectrum of emotions everyone’s going through. You can rub someone up the wrong way by looking at them. You can also rub someone up the wrong way by hiding the precious, last-remaining cargo of spicy Cheetos and eating them secretly in your room. I would say, “keep your secrets” but it’s obviously pointless when you’re faced with a younger sister presenting the unmistakable red tongue and fiery fingers. I could have been violent, when faced with her betrayal, but I took a deep breath and exited that situation swiftly.

Life is a volatile ride at the moment and that is both incredibly scary and incredibly exciting.