Book Haul

The result of my first physical book haul in more than a year!🤤

Today I ventured into the city centre (cautiously of course, I’m a recovering agoraphobic!) and exercised a LOT of self restraint in Waterstones. I was overwhelmed with choices as I spotted so many titles from my virtual TBR lists as well as newbies I haven’t heard about before. At one point, I had 8 books in my hands and that was just from the promotional tables. I hadn’t even reached the alphabetised fiction section😅

I was super stoked to strike up a chinwag with a wonderful staff member at Waterstones. They recommended Radiya Hafiza’s contemporary retelling of the Rapunzel tale and within 30 secs, I was sold on it and added it to my pile 😂

Overall, a tremendous victory. I can’t wait to get started on these! 🤤💜