2 years on: the Great Depression

On 7th May, 2 years ago, I handed in my Masters thesis. I was super stoked and relieved, plus excited to crack on with trying to function like a proper human being again.

What actually happened was that I had 4 days of relative chill before the biggest mental breakdown of my entire life, in a swanky bar with Rebecca Deluce in the middle of Copenhagen, which resulted in me being really, really ill for a while instead…

This photo is bittersweet because I literally had no idea at the time that things were going to get hella lairy imminently: I thought I was already at rock bottom! Looking back, I can say that I’m truly super proud of myself for getting through one of the most challenging periods of my life so far. Plus, my mates and fam are absolutely solid and I wish everybody going through a tough time had that kind of support behind them. Wouldn’t be here without it.

So: life is like a box of chocolates, folks! Sometimes you think you’ve picked up a praline and you take a bite to find it’s orange, instead. It’s really, really sad but remember you can always pick up another choccy straight after and hope that one’s better.

P. S. this photo is the first in the folder I made of images from when I was poorly, remind me to take a look at those photos when/if I think about penning a PhD proposal in a few years’ time…

LIFE UPDATE: I passed!

So pleased to have received confirmation from Bradford College to say I’ve passed the course I undertook last year (“Certificate in Awareness of Mental Health Problems”).

This qualification is very significant because a year ago, I was severely agoraphobic, struggling to eat, sleep and generally function as a human in any capacity.

With the unwavering support of my blood and chosen family, I improved. It took time and a lot of patience, but over the months I felt myself getting stronger.

Today I’m employed, taking care of myself and deeply grateful to still be standing. Though I still struggle with my mental health on a daily basis, I remind myself that I’ve overcome so much and will continue to do so!

I took this course to educate myself and to maintain focus whilst unemployed. It served me perfectly: it was free, I signed up online and I had the flexibility to complete the whole thing remotely.

For anybody struggling with the pandemic woes, I would definitely recommend looking into new skills and courses. It truly is a privilege to have access to education at our fingertips!