“Reasons To Stay Alive”

A post-Christmas glow

Today, the temporarily rejuvenated hermit lays down vox for Hoamin and longs for better days ahead, when COVID-19 will be all but a half-remembered Orwellian nightmare, and life will consist of visits to/from lovely faces, frequent encounters with dogs, success in the form of doing what feels good and just having a reet good laugh instead of cry whenever life decides to be an absolute knobhead for no apparent reason.

If you’re reading this, you’re at the cusp of 2021, which means you’ve survived the bullshit-packed year that has been 2020, despite all the challenging times that had you questioning whether you would get through. That might not feel like the biggest accomplishment, but that’s because some brains aren’t good at congratulating and over-compensate with the doom/gloom narrative of “it’s not enough”. It really is enough, though, so well fucking done💜💫🙏🏾🎉💥