OPINION: Sainsbury’s ad controversy

My favourite comment from the gammon-thread in this post is, “Where are the British people? What fresh hell is this?”

Imagine being a grown-ass person and not knowing the actual difference between nationality and ethnicity? 🤷🏾‍♀️

Let’s spell it out: You don’t have to be WHITE to be BRITISH.

Britain stopped being exclusively WHITE when WHITE people stole BLACK and BROWN people from their native homes and brought them back to Britain as their property, their slaves.

If you’re more outraged over a photo of a black family in a supermarket chain’s marketing campaign than you are by the legacy of systemic racism, you’re a racist BELLEND.

It’s 2020, lad. If you are still pining for the All-White vision of immigrants locked up in shackles and doing white people’s dirty bidding, and you genuinely believe that anybody who isn’t white is subordinate, you are a white supremacist, racist BELLEND.

If you’re more concerned about defending the rights of those who are outraged than you are of challenging the blatant RACIAL, SOCIOECONOMIC and GENDERED inequities that exist in this world you’re living in, you are an ignorant BELLEND.

No ifs or buts about it. If you judge people simply by the colour of their skin, you’re a reductionist RACIST.

I am sick to death of listening to people defend their right to view other people as lesser than them because of their skin colour. I am sick to death of hearing racial slurs thrown about because people are from “a different time”. If you are aware that something you are saying or doing is perceived as offensive or hurtful to another person, but it matters more to you that you have the freedom to express yourself than it does that your actions and words are directly hurting people, you are a selfish BELLEND.

There is only one group of people in this world that I actively discriminate against, and that is BELLENDS.

This is because there are no reasonable discussions to be had with bellends.

Zero-tolerance policy here: I don’t want justifications, or attempts at conversion. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW YOU CAN VIEW SOMEBODY TO BE LESSER THAN YOU ON ACCOUNT OF THEIR ETHNIC BACKGROUND OR SKIN COLOUR.

I do not see the world in these terms and I don’t ever want to, so please take your hate-speech and shove it up your arse!

Thanks! 👋🏾

Churchill is not my hero (part 2)

I’m Bangladeshi and I didn’t even know Bangladesh had two major famines until literally 2 years ago, and that was because I accidentally found a video of Shashi Tharoor talking about the issue. I’m a self-professed simpleton. I barely know anything apart from the regurgitated and filtered curriculum taught at school. I barely know anything about my native culture. It’s embarrassing.

I did this to myself, by rejecting my brownness as a kid so that I’d fit in. Obviously you can’t take your skin off, but you can reject your identity for sure. I refused to speak Bangla, hated dressing in saris and avoided any cultural/religious events like COVID-19. My childhood was basically Anita & Me, with me being the brown kid who just wants to be her best mate, the white girl from a completely different walk of life.

I’m a different person now. I’ve taken an active interest in my roots and asked questions, which has led to me hearing stories of civil unrest, family members seeing strangers shot before their eyes, whole villages uprooting and fleeing to India, as well as accounts of adapting to British life, following immigration in the years after.

It’s astounding.

Did you know that my grandad was a qualified teacher, and a pretty damned good one, in Bangladesh? Because I didn’t know exactly how esteemed he was in this role or how much of an impact he had on his many students, until his funeral. My grandad, as far as I’d known as a kid, was a labourer in a carpet factory in Bradford. He had a beautiful brain on his shoulders but that didn’t matter because his qualification counted for nothing in Britain. So he worked in an environment that probably involved few brain cells, and worked his ass off to give his children a great life in a country that, up until the fifties, didn’t even allow brown people to own their own properties.

You conform to fit in and you’re embraced more if you’ve got a “whiter” personality. I’ve been called either “paki” by dimwits or a “coconut” my whole fucking life, always being a classic Asian from afar and an exceptional token for racists who say I don’t “count” as one of the stereotypical Asians they have a problem with. What the fuck does that even mean? I’m stumped, man. I really am.

I don’t hate anybody. I just want more awareness of HISTORICAL FACT and more consideration of VALID HUMAN EXPERIENCES/FEELINGS. “Historical amnesia” is 100% a thing and I really believe that if people looked at the past with less tunnel vision and embraced the “other” with less fear/hostility, the world would be so much nicer.

As a young kid, as far as I was aware, Britain had practically reformed the rest of the world and turned helpless brutes into the pillars of civilised organisations. As an adult, I’m learning that brutality is on my doorstep and rich cultural civilisations were destroyed by colonialism. Lives were undervalued then, just as they are now. So let’s just wake up, smell the coffee and change shit for reals so that this same conversation doesn’t need to be had in another 100 years’ time.

My future dogs and children will not be growing up to think cultural erasure, racism or just being an asshole in general is acceptable🐶👶🏽🤷🏾‍♀️

EDIT: Actually, there were still issues with “coloured people” buying houses in 1968. Nikesh Shukla, a wicked writer you should read, said in his interview with The Independent that, “My uncle Mahesh is a source of strength for me: in 1968 he tried to buy a house in Huddersfield but they had a policy not to sell to “coloured people”. He’s the first person to have brought a case of racial discrimination under the Race Relations Act.”.