CURRENT READ: City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

It sure is satisfying to be steadily chipping away at my TBR pile! Of course, I am barely making a dent as my TBR pile is thousands of books long, but I still consider it to be progress when the stack of physical books gathering dust on my shelves and desk are being slowly transferred over to the “finished” pile😅

Today I make a start on book no.14, of my hopeful 35 for 2021, with this gorge little paperback😍

What are you reading on this fine Sunday?☔📖☕

CURRENT READ: Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig 🌍

I had to get my pencil out again to take notes in the margins: Haig’s words are so apt and resonant, I feel like every other paragraph hits a nerve or deserves to be printed off and stuck on my wall as a reminder for the bad days.

Mental health and wellbeing should be valued by society in the same way that physical ailments are. Everybody has mental health and everybody struggles, yet mental health remains such a stigma. It’s crucial that we normalise dialogues about mental health because dialogues literally have the power to save lives!

Haig has once again created a universally relevant guidebook for humans who are trying to survive the chaos of the modern day, with its infinite distractions and relentless pace. I’m only 50 pages in so far but I can already tell that this book is going to be special for me, in the same way that Reasons to Stay Alive is.