Book Haul

The result of my first physical book haul in more than a year!🤤

Today I ventured into the city centre (cautiously of course, I’m a recovering agoraphobic!) and exercised a LOT of self restraint in Waterstones. I was overwhelmed with choices as I spotted so many titles from my virtual TBR lists as well as newbies I haven’t heard about before. At one point, I had 8 books in my hands and that was just from the promotional tables. I hadn’t even reached the alphabetised fiction section😅

I was super stoked to strike up a chinwag with a wonderful staff member at Waterstones. They recommended Radiya Hafiza’s contemporary retelling of the Rapunzel tale and within 30 secs, I was sold on it and added it to my pile 😂

Overall, a tremendous victory. I can’t wait to get started on these! 🤤💜

NEW BOOK HAUL: Stephen King

This week’s haul! A pretty solid amount of my wage is spent on books and I’m totally living for it. Books have saved my life over the past year: they’ve genuinely aided my mental health recovery and given me the imagination and inspiration to be brave and tackle some pretty big monsters (purely of the metaphorical persuasion).

I’m on Book 10 of my Goodreads challenge (my goal was a very ambitious 30 books) and we’re only in March, so I’m feeling very positive about the prospect of keeping this good habit up.

Since I made the rule to use every minute wisely, train delays and cancellations have become awesome windows of opportunity. I find myself ogling my books more than my phone these days. I wouldn’t change that for the world.

I honestly can’t wait to start on these beauties🤤💀