CURRENT READ: Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney👭

Normal People stole my heart last year. I devoured the book and gorged myself on the TV series shortly after, and continue to find myself on days, for no apparent reason, thinking about random scenes/chapters. The weird thing is, when I first finished the book, I was underwhelmed and a little confused about the resolution. I didn’t understand what the ‘hype’ was.

Over time, I found that something about Marianne and Connell stuck in my head. Lingering bits of their intelligent conversations on class and belonging, and the vulnerable moments where what was thought or felt failed to be vocalised or acted upon. I had a really good chat with my cousin about the ways that Rooney had presented two contemporary protagonists from starkly different backgrounds and the trials of modern love👫

Talking about the book really helped me realise the brilliance of the subtle storytelling and the characters who were so introspective and realistic.

I’m really looking forward to this one. Heard predominantly good things from other avid readers! 💜

ANNOUNCEMENT: Launch of @bookishpip (my new bookstagram!)

I follow so many bookstagrams and have been inspired to read many a title by the reviews/recommendations of accounts that are authentic, honest and so passionate about books. It only occurred to me a few days ago that I could create one, too!

After much deliberation, I decided to take the plunge and create a new platform for all my writing/recent reads on Instagram. I’ve long used my personal account for the purposes of posting short, succinct reviews of books but don’t have a particularly large community of bookworms to share my joys and frustrations with after completing a read. With that in mind, I’ve launched @bookishpip 💫📚☠️🤷🏾‍♀️💜

Especially while being unemployed, I have really drawn upon my passion for literature as more than a recreational interest. The perspective I have gained is phenomenal. My ultimate dream career would be to work in the editorial department of a book publisher and I have had this on the brain for the better part of six months, though the dream itself was born when I was very young and realised it pained me to get my nose out of a book, no matter how enticing a social event was… As juvenile as it may be, and as painful as the persistent rejections have been, I feel a strong determination to put myself out there for the first time and strive to build a career I am truly passionate about.

My new Insta account is a foray into the world of Net Galley, Goodreads and social media. I hope it will be a platform that enables me to connect more socially with other users of the aforementioned sites, and perhaps I can even find some professional opportunities along the way.

Wish me luck!