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I don’t have any testimonials on account of the fact I’m not yet a working professional (2021 is my year of manifestation, so hopefully that won’t be forever), but I do have some nice comments/acknowledgements from authors/figures I’ve written about:

The day I finally get to meet Mona Eltawahy: there will be a spine-crushing hug.
Jonathan Trigell, author of “Boy A”, the subject of one of my reviews.
Joy Crookes, incredible singer-songwriter, the subject of an appreciation blog.
Grace Campbell, comedienne and author of “Amazing Disgrace”, the subject of a recent review.

Guest posts:

New Graduate: Managing Mental Health and MA’s

Many thanks to Head Talks for providing me with the platform for some writing on my journey with grief. This is a short piece, a very condensed snippet of a much longer piece I wrote during an introspective period (the pandemic seems to be a great catalyst for those!).

Guest spot blog on a really beautiful site celebrating female empowerment and self-worth. Laura (the founder) is an EFT practitioner with interests in positivity, dream manifestation and self-love. My contribution was posted on on Thursday 2nd January 2020.

I originally wrote these articles for the Common Wealth Theatre website.