About me


Hi, there! I’m Ayesha, but you can call me Pippa. I’m a Northern brown lass who would also describe herself as a mental health advocate, bibliophile, cinephile, anti-fascist, wordsmith and singer.

I finished up my MA(Res) in English Literature a couple of years ago and, following a post-thesis nervous breakdown (Lord knows it happens to the best of us), ran back to the safety of good ol’ mum & dad’s. I’ve been on the road to mental health recovery for a while now and along my journey, particularly when I was really poorly, I decided to resurrect my blog. This was a great solace for me while I was resting up and helped to fill my days with something enjoyable, after months of just cleaning the house meticulously and watching TV till my head hurt.

All I can say is that books are my whole life. I have been voraciously reading and writing since as long as I can remember. My dream position would be in the editorial sector of the publishing industry, but in the meantime, I’m focusing on my love of reading and writing in a recreational capacity.


All thoughts reflected in the posts on this blog are my own: my parents, family and friends are not liable for the words that come out of my mouth, nor the text I post online. There’s a mixture of book reviews, film reviews, opinion pieces, candid mental health articles and also just random insights as to the thoughts that are circling round the drain of my brain. So, if you’re into any of the above, you are in the right place.

For music collaborations, publication opportunities and general enquiries, please contact: contact@writingsofpip.com