“No Time to Die – An Anxious Morning” – by Pippa Dey

I dream of floppy-eared bunnies.
I wake up and decide to give life a go.
I put the anxious thoughts aside like garden peas on a kid’s plate.
My stomach is a sailor’s knot.
I am walking to the bus stop with a gong soundbath for a soundtrack.
All is well. All will be well.
I am fine, fresh and fabulous.
The bus arrives.
I am on the bus.
The bus breaks down.
There’s furious beeping from the dashboard.
A concerned bus driver presses all the buttons, to no avail.
Lives suspended as time ticks on.
The agonising waiting.
15 mins spent debating.
Waiting, waiting, wait-
Another bus on the horizon.
All is well. All will be well.
Huzzah, we’re packed on like sardines,
Swaying as the bus encounters not one, but TWO disregarded lorries mid-road, on-route.
A cleaner says it’s “going to be one of those days”.
I hear her omen and I reject it. It’s a no from me.
All is well. All will be well.
We pull in to the sea of deflated faces at the stand and I’m off like a jet.
I scramble through the station and good job:
The next bus is prompt!
There’s a sigh of relief and a moment of gratitude.
That mindfulness stuff must be working, I’ve not had to pop a vally or nurse a panic attack!
And then I sit on a wet seat:
It’s a wet arse Thursday.
All is well. All will be well.

Thanks for reading, tune in during my next commute.

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