CURRENT READ: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo🔮

I’ve just started a new job last week and it has definitely affected my reading. It’s hard to have a concentration span when you’re so… Sleepy! All this readjusting to the world of adult responsibilities and socialising has taken it out of me, but I’m hopeful that I’ll settle into my new routine sometime soon and that it won’t be so brutal on the mind and body🌸

Anyways, I started this joy of a novel 2 days ago and have already managed to get to the halfway point with only 2 proper sittings under my belt😲

I recently read City of Girls and I’m getting similar vibes, though I’m already finding the protagonists to be way more likeable and with a more attractive depth. Evelyn Hugo is a chameleon-like actress, who shed her former identity and Hell’s Kitchen roots in order to carve out a successful career in Hollywood. When Monique, a freelance writer with big ambitions, is offered the opportunity to write Hugo’s biography, she discovers there’s much more to the Hollywood starlet than meets the eye. Decades of salacious rumours and headlines don’t even begin to scratch the surface…☠️😈💜

I love reading in bed until I’m on the verge of falling asleep and have found this to be a really soothing part of my day. I look forward to it from the moment I wake up! How do you balance reading with your daily routine and do you find it difficult, too?😴

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