LIFE UPDATE: Pushing through the limits of mental health

Been a big girl this week, leaving the house more, smashing interviews, venturing out to unfamiliar lands on trains and reconnecting with people I haven’t seen in ages. I honestly couldn’t be more chuffed with me sen🙈🎉

Just a note: stubborn anxieties and agoraphobia are NOT life sentences, as I have learned recently. They’re challenging and can demand all your physical/mental energy to the point of exhaustion, but they CAN be overcome. Every little victory is a reminder that you CAN be better and that your expectations can be exceeded.

This pandemic has tested our collective asses with its social distancing demands. It has removed us from the routine of our “normal” lives and shaken foundations we’ve spent years building. The restrictions easing recently have only exacerbated anxieties for some.

One thing I’ve tried to keep in mind over the last week is that behind our masks, we’re all struggling with something. As much as anxiety makes me feel like the “only one” or the “black sheep” when my teeth are chattering at the bus stop or my palms are clammy, the reality is that all of us are dealing with our own versions of adapting to the world again, and some people are just more talented with their abilities to hide this.

Every time I’ve met eyes with a stranger over the last week, I’ve imagined that they’re in a similar boat to me and instantly I’ve felt less alone and stronger for the knowledge that we’re all just doing our best and there’s nothing wrong with struggling or having a bad day💜🙏🏾

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