CURRENT READ: Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney👭

Normal People stole my heart last year. I devoured the book and gorged myself on the TV series shortly after, and continue to find myself on days, for no apparent reason, thinking about random scenes/chapters. The weird thing is, when I first finished the book, I was underwhelmed and a little confused about the resolution. I didn’t understand what the ‘hype’ was.

Over time, I found that something about Marianne and Connell stuck in my head. Lingering bits of their intelligent conversations on class and belonging, and the vulnerable moments where what was thought or felt failed to be vocalised or acted upon. I had a really good chat with my cousin about the ways that Rooney had presented two contemporary protagonists from starkly different backgrounds and the trials of modern love👫

Talking about the book really helped me realise the brilliance of the subtle storytelling and the characters who were so introspective and realistic.

I’m really looking forward to this one. Heard predominantly good things from other avid readers! 💜

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