Current read: The Dead Zone by Stephen King⚰️

Synopsis so far (no spoilers!): Schoolteacher Johnny Smith, with a life full of possibilities ahead of him, has an almost-fatal car accident and winds up comatose for five years. When he wakes up, he learns his girlfriend has moved on and married another man, his mother has descended into religious hysteria and the world as he last knew it has completely and utterly changed. Oh, and he has also unlocked a dormant ability to touch people and know instantly about their pasts or futures…🔮

I am nearing the end of this book and I’ve got to say, I’m thoroughly enjoying yet another example of Stephen King’s exemplary storytelling. There have been a couple of titles I’ve not enjoyed so much along the way, but his catalogue of work is generally consistent, impressive and immersive. There’s a reason he’s regarded the “King of Horror”: it’s no easy feat to churn out content the way he has for so long, and to be responsible for so many of the iconic horror figures in film and TV that we’re all so familiar with. What. A. Guy. 🙌🏽💜💫

(Full review to come soon!)

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