The launch of Chillies n Spice and All Things Rice

Yesterday, a side-project of mine went live: I’ve spent the last two months or so chipping away at a basic website for my mum. My mum’s website was initially started as a belated Christmas present (what to get for the woman who has everything?), but has ended up being a long labour of love and pretty cohesive product for her many readers. After many toils and tribulations, many hours of proofreading till I went cross-eyed, it’s now active and I can rest for a few days! Now, I’m no professional website builder by any means. In fact, I basically have no idea what I’m doing and this entire process has been a giant experiment and major learning curve. I’m hoping that my skills will continue to grow so that I can both improve my mum’s website and my own blog, as this is a whole new world and language to navigate online.

Basically, my mum’s a food aficionado and has always had a knack for experimentation with flavours and cuisines in the kitchen. There’s been loads of comments flung around over the years, with people suggesting she ought to do something with all her knowledge of everything gourmet and experience cooking different styles. Finally, she’s on it! I think COVID-19 really served as the catalyst for her, as it gave her the opportunity to generate a lot of online content (mainly on FB). Initially this was mainly for the benefit of her friends, but the development of a separate page helped her to share recipes further afield, and now there are people engaging from all across the world. Madness!

Mum has been working very hard at this project. She is glued to her phone 24/7 (this is literally no exaggeration) and has built up rapport with complete strangers, who comment from different time zones about how much they’ve enjoyed cooking up some of her scran. This is only the beginning of a very bold adventure and we’re hoping to branch out to other platforms and reach even bigger milestones as the impact of her brand continues to grow. It’s a huge slog but she’s very passionate and it’s nice to see her so focused on this endeavour, after so many years of people pushing her towards a venture like this. Here’s to expansion and world domination!

If you’re looking for some new recipes over lockdown, check out her site. It’s very regularly updated (trust me, she’s a nightmare to keep up with!) and has a plethora of different cuisine, suitable for all sorts of dietary needs. Feel free to leave feedback as well, it’s much appreciated 🙂

The face behind the name.

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