OPINION: 3-year pay freeze for Public Sector roles

If claps were currency, Tories would be the most generous government in power.

Frugality and pragmatism are great for a good sweep on the Monopoly board but, in real life, these economic decisions, like proposing a 3-year pay freeze for public sector roles, have devastating consequences. Morale is already low: people are either furloughed, jobless (as of recently) or overworked as essential staff in hospitals, schools and retail.

After spending the duration of the first lockdown celebrating the bravery of NHS staff at this time of adversity, we’re now in this familiar situation where our government is considering basically changing absolutely NOTHING for the people who need change the most. People who are literally putting their lives on the line day after day are being reminded, once again, of how undervalued they really are in the eyes of our government.

I wish that they’d come after the tax-evading multinationals, like Amazon and Google, with the same ferocity that they do the working class. Or that they’d consider their pay rises, which never seem to be at stake regardless of the situation, as an insult during an era where the figures are rising for relative child poverty and reliance on food banks all across the country. But, you know, as long as they’re living comfortably/in excess while the rest of the people are drowning.

The gap grows. Fuck the Tories.

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