2020: Roe v Wade fight rages on

It’s 2020 and Roe v Wade 1973, a pivotal moment of progression for women, is still an endangered decision because of Conservative leaders. It’s 2020 and we’re still fighting for women to be recognised as equal and valid citizens who have autonomy over their own bodies.

How rude of reality to go and steal yet another plot line from the fictional universe (Handmaid’s Tale)…

I’m a big fan of film/TV adaptations of stellar books, but I draw the line at ACTUALLY making this stuff happen for reals! I mean, seriously, the themes we’re seeing on the headlines every day? Irreparable damage to the environment, a global pandemic mismanaged by the powers that be, misogynistic, racist and fascist attitudes simply refusing to die.

Reading science fiction is no longer an exhilarating thrill for literature fans because it’s too close to home🙄


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