The bunnies: a love story

I’m trapped in my own head quite a lot, catastrophising and feeling like doomsday is impending, but the love and peace I feel for these furry babies has been a welcome distraction from all that depression and anxiety malarkey. Who knew that little loves could provide such amazing companionship? That they could make a person with low self-esteem feel as though they have purpose on days where getting up to face the day feels impossible?

I am completely and utterly obsessed with them both, and it’s been wonderful taking care of them even when that’s involved stopping them fighting and humping each other, or scooping up poop. I have literally cried just looking at them because I can’t believe they’re so adorable!I realise this probably makes me sound pathetic, but as a recovering agoraphobic feeling stuck in this pandemic and in life generally, its been a godsend.

Love and light comes in many forms, and though I can’t be with family and friends and Tom because of COVID-19 and head problems, I’m so grateful to have these buds💜🐰

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