LIFE UPDATE: I passed!

So pleased to have received confirmation from Bradford College to say I’ve passed the course I undertook last year (“Certificate in Awareness of Mental Health Problems”).

This qualification is very significant because a year ago, I was severely agoraphobic, struggling to eat, sleep and generally function as a human in any capacity.

With the unwavering support of my blood and chosen family, I improved. It took time and a lot of patience, but over the months I felt myself getting stronger.

Today I’m employed, taking care of myself and deeply grateful to still be standing. Though I still struggle with my mental health on a daily basis, I remind myself that I’ve overcome so much and will continue to do so!

I took this course to educate myself and to maintain focus whilst unemployed. It served me perfectly: it was free, I signed up online and I had the flexibility to complete the whole thing remotely.

For anybody struggling with the pandemic woes, I would definitely recommend looking into new skills and courses. It truly is a privilege to have access to education at our fingertips!

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