Churchill is not my hero

There aren’t statues of Hitler around Germany, commemorating him for being a decent bloke until he went all Walter White on the world. The Holocaust isn’t forgotten, and thrown under the rug. It was genocide. It was systemic ethnic cleansing.

The Holocaust is part of the curriculum all over the world because it was an absolute atrocity. That shitstain in history is acknowledged, and people feel remorse as well as the responsibility to ensure we don’t repeat the past.

I have some serious questions though:

Are people aware of the genocide that Churchill was directly responsible for? He was a great orator, strong leader and white supremacist, so what exactly distinguishes his profile from Hitler’s? Why aren’t we taught this in our curriculum? Does “winning” against Nazism erase his abysmal track record as a white supremacist? If people are glorifying Churchill with an awareness of all his ugly, does that mean it’s acceptable to glorify Hitler’s vision too? Is it truly justifiable, in any instance, to treat others as though they were worthless because of the colour of their skin? If so, and you’re an open racist, would you like to be remembered as one of those figures whose hate speech and apathy led to more segregation, acts of violence and crime against minorities?

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