Lit in the Time of Covid-19 (#1) – Zone 1, Colson Whitehead

An excellent review of some apt literature during the COVID-19 pandemic! Looking forward to more reads from Tom over the coming weeks 🙂


And what else but a being cursed with the burden of free will would wear a poncho.

For the most part, I’m enthusiastic about irony. However, discovering that the first book on the reading list for my Contemporary Fiction university course (since face-to-face classes had been cancelled due to the real-world Coronavirus) features a deadly pandemic that transforms the majority of the population into flesh-eating disseminators of the plague, leaving survivors afraid to leave the house, was a little on the nose. Even for me.

Colson Whitehead’s rendering of a post-zombie-apocalypse-America will likely leave readers who come looking for the familiar thrill of the muscular masculine hero’s loved ones being ripped limb from limb despite the best efforts of said sexy hero disappointed. Instead Whitehead provides a reflective consideration of how humanity might start to rebuild civilisation in the wake of such an event. His protagonist Mark Spitz, whose “most…

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One thought on “Lit in the Time of Covid-19 (#1) – Zone 1, Colson Whitehead

  1. Thank you for the share! I’m already halfway through my next book actually! It’s by Mary Shelley and I haven’t been able to put it down.


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