OPINION/RANT: Border Control

Rep. Ted Lieu Plays Videos of Separated Families for Border Patrol Chief Brian Hastings

This is what the reality of “border control” looks like. Indefinite detention, implications on short-term/long-term mental health, divided families and heaps of trauma. So, when discussing the sensitive matter of immigration, lets take into account the fact that the stereotype of ‘welfare-exploiting, ignorant foreigners’ only covers one aspect of immigration. It’s an artfully crafted narrative from the media that serves as a catalyst to stoke the prejudice, which divides the masses. This ploy is used tactically, not only in the US, but also in the UK (Yarls Wood being a prime example).

People don’t have any compassion, forget empathy, for that type of immigrant and then they project this lack of understanding onto all the other individuals who have a completely different story to tell. This is utterly heartbreaking. Next time you feel rage, upon seeing some bull-crad in the news about those people taking our women and stealing our jobs, just remember that the propaganda you’re consuming isn’t reflective of the full picture. Imagine what it’s like to endure unethical detention or separation from your family or constant condescension because you’re not a naturalised citizen in the country you call home.

Please can we all try to practice a little more empathy? And can we also try to challenge/critique the sensationalist drivel we are being fed on a daily?

Right okay, I’m ready for my second coffee now.


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