Margaret Atwood fan club

Generally my concentration span is whack however over recent months, I’ve been making my way steadily over quite a few titles I’ve had shelved for ages. Reading has really helped me mentally keep things in check and has pushed my recreational writing and super trippy dreams after a long period of no creativity/punishing myself for feeling creative when I have other ‘priorities’.

I think Margaret Atwood is an absolute visionary. I was first introduced to her works by my cousin Rina when she gave me A Handmaid’s Tale. It blew my mind. I can’t say I was the fondest of The Heart Goes Last but it was a welcomed easy read after Asimov… Alias Grace seems like a seminal work for Atwood and I’m not even halfway through, yet. Really looking forward to getting through her entire back-catalogue and would appreciate recommendations for other authors similar to her (speculative/dystopian/historical fiction would be ace)❤️

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