Sydney siege: hostages held inside Martin Place cafe

Sydney siege: hostages held inside Martin Place cafe

Finished watching an amazing episode of Homeland and immediately got a notification for this article. Hostages in Sydney. Reminded once again that extremist bastards are roaming free in reality, way beyond the TV screen, where they’re misrepresenting many peaceful religious foundations. Wrecking lives, thriving from fear and terrorising any ‘non-believer’ (who, in this context, happens to be anybody that won’t comply to warped views).

It’s not even a matter of West vs East concerned here; this is Humanity vs Delusions of Grandeur. Killing in the name of an omnibenevolent God, it makes no sense. I am going to bed feeling angry and waking up to face the world again tomorrow.

I would apologise for this lengthy post if I cared anymore about being ridiculed for being far too sensitive, but I don’t. This is an issue which concerns the world and I happen to live on this planet. You’re welcome to delete me. But that won’t change any of the world issues you’re choosing to ignore.

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